‘Christianshavn’ Harbour, Copenhagen - Art By Lis Bjergsted at Barbers Gallery Woking Surrey

Lis Bjergsted

‘Christianshavn’ Harbour (Copenhagen)

Lis Bjergsted also known as Paula French was a Danish realist painter who lived in Denmark and England. Lis is mostly known for her oil on canvas but was equally proficient as a watercolorist.

Joakim Allgulander

‘Lamp Deer’, ‘Inflight’ & ‘Blinded’

Joakim Allgulander is a Swedish artist born in Stockholm who lives and works in London. Allgulander studied at the National College of the Arts and Crafts in Stockholm..

Anni Groendahl

Art inspired by the nature, environment, colour and unusual situations

Anni,Born 1940, is a Danish artist that has been expressing on canvas for many years. In 2011 and 2012 Anni was invited to present her work at recognized galleries in Berlin, Italy and New York. Anni is particularly inspired by the nature, environment, colour and unusual situations. She translates reactions into abstract form, through use of colour, shape and humour.

Michael Kadaz

‘Pipi Longstocking’ the main character in a series of children’s books

Michael Kadaz, Born 1980 in Germany, lives in Sweden and has been an active painter since 2004. Kadaz has exhibited many of his paintings in interior design shops around the world from Denmark to Thailand. ‘Pipi Longstocking’ is the main character in a series of children’s books by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. Pippi was named by Lindgren’s daughter Karin, then nine years old like Pippi, who asked her mother for a get-well story when she was off school.

Natalia Fedoseeva Watts

Natalia,Born 1966,is from Russia and lives in Denmark

where she owns an art studio in inner Copenhagen teaching art, conserves and restores older paintings for the famous Danish Cobra artists, in between freelance painting. Nata started her art career in 1986 in St Petersburg and has since gained an impressive list of diplomas and exhibition invitations.


IRON MAN ‘Back to the School Yard’ 2013

NYC subway graffiti legend Duro CIA TOP is an American artist, one of the most prominent figures in the graffiti movement that emerged in New York in the 60’s and 70’s. Renown for his graffiti in the city Duro did create a few of his epic pieces on canvas.

Art By Finn Pederson for sale at Barbers Gallery Woking Surrey

Finn Pedersen

Danish artist

Finn Pedersen, (1944 – 2014) was born on the remote island in Denmark called Bornholm. In 1966, he exhibited with the CoBrA artist Asger Jorn and Karel Appel.

Giorgio Musoni

Artist Based In Denmark

Musoni was born in 1933 in Venice and in 1956 left for France and Germany and finally settled in Copenhagen.

Joergen Greve

‘Like flashbacks from middle ages’

Greve, Born 1968, is a full time Danish artist in Copenhagen Denmark. He has blended oil and watercolor on paper to create this pair and is inspired by Spanish and Mexican art.
“I am working with new techniques that makes my paintings look old; almost like flashbacks from middle ages. You could say an archetypal journey.” JG

Rebekka Kaasgaard

‘Singing in the rain’

Rebekka Kaasgaard has been painting since 1992 and had her first exhibition already in 1993. Rebekka is a self taught artist and feels great freedom in her paintings; from how she paints to everything she uses to express her story.

Lis Zwick

‘Pictures of colour poetry’

Lis Zwick, Born 1942, creates pictures of colour poetry, where the characters contain elements of fairy tales and stories that together create a light and bright and almost dancing magic world. Lis Zwick is the queen of the Drakabygget, the freedom workshop at Örkeljunga in Sweden.

Jacob Gadd

Figurative art

Jacob Gadd, Born 1961, is a Danish painter residing in northern Copenhagen. He founded the artistic movement Humorism in 2011, which puts emphasis on figurative art that intuitively brings forth positive emotions. Jacob’s paintings and prints are regularly on exhibit at Denmark’s arguably most beautifully located gallery, Galleri Lien.


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